On Thursday, November 10, students throughout the school celebrated our annual Poetry Festival. They used their imagination, words, music, and art to bring their poetry to life. The day was full of many inspiring activities. 

The Mystery Metaphors activity involved students writing metaphor poetry about artifacts that were distributed to the class. Each student picked an item out of the mystery bag and used their senses to help develop rich metaphors to describe their object. Another activity called, “The Day the Lunch Box Broke Bad,” involved reading excerpts from the book “The Day the Crayons Quit” and having the students identify different types of poetic devices found in the book. Students then were tasked to write a children’s book personifying the experience of foods in a lunchbox. In Blackout Poetry, each student was given a page from a book/novel and had to manipulate the space of the page to discover words that create new meaning together. By highlighting the words that stuck out to them and ‘blacking out’ the rest, the students were able to create craft unique lines of poetry from the ‘space’ provided.  

Students ended the day with a Poetry Cafe where they shared their memorized poems with their peers over a cup of hot chocolate.

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