On the night of Wednesday, March 8th, most of the Grade Sevens and Eights along with some teachers and parent volunteers went downtown to deliver gifts to the homeless. This program is called, ‘Pay it Forward Purim’.

These gifts contained hats, gloves, socks, granola bars and clementines that the entire school had come together to collect and pack. The two grades were split into different groups, and were assigned different streets to walk on. We walked around the streets looking on both sides for homeless people in need.

We carried around the gifts, each person having four bags, and each time we encountered a homeless person, we asked them if they wanted one and if they did, we offered them two. One for themselves, and one to give to somebody else, which is why the program is called, “Pay it Forward.” We did this so they could get a chance to give to someone else, instead of just receiving. This was a new experience for all of us, and we are looking forward to doing it next year. We did not know what to expect before we drove downtown, but in the end we felt like it was such a positive experience. 

-The Tikshoret committee