On wednesday, March 27, the grade seven and eight students along with their parents and teachers participated in Pay it Forward Purim.

Pay it Forward Purim is a program created by Ve’ahavta and the House where the participants distribute Mishloach Manot to the  homeless. These packages included, warm clothing, food and a meaningful message created by Heschel students.

We gave out two of these bags to each person that we encountered, one for them to keep and one for them to give to somebody else who may need the package. This enabled the homeless to have the experience of giving which a lot of them don’t often have.

At first, handing out the Mishloach Manot to strangers seemed like an intimidating task, but once we started talking to the people, there was an immediate connection between us. The gratitude and thankfulness they expressed was incredible to see.

This was an amazing experience that all of us will always remember.

Judah M and Noa S