Morah Lisa teaches art to Heschel students in Grades 1-7. She has been teaching at our school for over five years and knows the art curriculum inside out. In every grade, Morah Lisa arranges a unique art project for students to work on. Let’s take a look at some current examples:

In Grade 1, students are creating Havdalah candles, linking to the generative topic ועל נסיך של בכל יום עמנו—”Matter, metamorphoses, and miracles: Miracles occur when we learn from changes that we notice.”

Grade 2 students are painting “Yom And Lila” on their Days of Creation artwork, using tape to shape the moon and sun. This project reflects student learning on the creation of the world.

Grade 3 students are taking initiative in learning about ecosystems. They are weaving their own ecosystem models from wool, thoughtfully donated by a local farm.

At the same time, Grade 5 students are learning about the evolution of Hebrew letters, including their places of origin and where they stand today.

In Grade 7, students are exploring the beauty of triangles.

Morah Lisa is very excited to see all of her students’ projects come to life.

—Nina and Josh (Grade 8)

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