On Monday night we celebrated Simchat Torah!  And now, we begin reading the Torah again, from the beginning.  Parshat Bereishit teaches us about the creative process:  When the world was being created it was תהו ובהו (tohu vavohu) – full of unorganised energy and potential; it was dark and unfathomable – חושך על פני תהום (choshech al pnei tehom).  Before God spoke light into being, the רוח (ruah) – the spirit – of God hovered over the waters.  I imagine this as a moment of calm before Creation.   To be creative, it is helpful to calm ourselves, especially when we are full of passionate feelings and energy.

To learn more about this week’s middah, “Be a source of calm,” click the image below to join Moreh Greg and Gigi Hagamal in their canoe.