Parshat Tetzaveh describes the special and beautifully crafted garments that the priests were commanded to wear when engaged in their holy work. From this parshah we learn how special clothing can remind us of important mitzvot.  The most well-known garment linked to mitzvot are tzitzit.   Each morning in tefillah we recite the passage that teaches how tzitzit serve as a physical reminder to perform all of the mitzvot of the Torah.  At Heschel, our kissuyyi rosh reminds us of the values of our egalitarian and pluralistic community.  Parshat Tetzaveh falls this year just prior to Purim – a festival for which clothing and garments play an important role.  Purim is a chance to dress up, be creative, and explore different personas.  Clothing can remind us of many mitzvot, from experiencing respect, building community, and celebrating with others.  

This Shabbat, may we all consider how we can use clothing in creative ways to help us fulfill mitzvot. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Moreh Greg