All this week we have been observing חול המועד סוכות the intermediary days of Sukkot.  We have fulfilled the mitzvah of לישב בסוכה (Leishev Basukkah) — to dwell in the sukkah; and נטילת לולב  (Netilat Lulav) — waving the lulav.  Tomorrow is הושאעה רבה (Hoshanah Rabbah) – the culminating day of Sukkot where traditionally we march around the bimah in הקפות (Hakafot), carrying and waving our lulav and etrog.  We recall all the times our people have experienced the power of God’s help, and we say הושענא (Hoshana!) – help us now, as you have in the past.

At this time of year, we’re reading and writing poetry, learning about metaphors, symbolism, and personification.  Chag Sukkot is the perfect chag for learning these literary techniques.  To learn more about how we do this, please listen to Moreh Greg’s Sukkot message.