This week’s parshah is Parshat Ki Tavo, which means “when you enter…”.  The parshah teaches that upon entering the land of Israel, one is to take mereisheet kol pri ha’adamah.  “Take from the ‘first’ fruits of the land” and bring them as an offering of thanks to God.  The word ‘reisheet’ might also refer to taking from the land for the “first” time, in a new way.  The people of Israel prepare to enter the land for the first time as a free people. Torah, given as a teaching, now becomes a set of laws to govern and create a society.  The people will need to observe the laws with eyes, ears, and hearts attuned to the consequences of their actions.  Parshat Ki Tavo is not just about coming into a new land.  It is about coming into a new reality—where actions have consequences, and laws will produce a blessed or a cursed society.  This Shabbat, may we all re-enter our world with a desire to perform mitzvot that produce blessings.

Please click the video below to see what our grade 1 students had to say about this week’s parshah!