Over the past few weeks, students at Heschel have been learning about and preparing to celebrate Pesach. This week’s middah is: “Appreciate the different ways that we are free.”  Each year, through our Living Haggadah Curriculum, students learn different ways to appreciate the message of freedom in the Pesach Haggadah.  Here are the many different themes and Haggadot that your children have explored and created.

  • Junior Kindergarten:  When we care for each other, we feel safe and free
  • Senior Kindergarten:  “Learning frees us to become better people”
  • Grade 1 – The Hidden and Revealed Haggadah
  • Grade 2 – Haggadah of Diverse Traditions
  • Grade 3 – Chalutzim Haggadah
  • Grade 4 – Haggadah of Many Questions
  • Grade 5 – Dramatized Haggadah
  • Grade 6 – Eco-Seder
  • Grade 7 & 8 – The 5th Child – Child of the Shoah – Haggadah

Over the coming days, may we all appreciate the different ways we are free, and resolve to help all people celebrate freedom.

Chag Kasher Vesameach,

Moreh Greg