In this week’s parshah, Parshat Pekudei, we learn that Bnai Israel completed all the tasks associated with building the Mishkan—the dwelling place for God. With this parshah we also complete our reading of Sefer Shemot – The Book of Exodus. As we complete important tasks, we take a moment to practice the middah: “take pride in your accomplishments.” Our parshah coincides with another ending: we enter into month of Adar II – the last month of the Jewish year. (Nissan, the month of spring and Pesach is the first month of calendar year, and Adar II, when Purim occurs is the last month). Yesterday and today we celebrated Rosh Chosesh Adar II by singing the Talmudic dictum: משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה – “From the moment Adar enters, we increase our joy.”  We conclude our year with a commandment to rejoice! This Shabbat, and all month of Adar II, may we take pride in the mishkan – the dwelling place for God – that we produce through our joy as a community.

Shabbat Shalom Verosh Chodesh Adar Sameach,

Moreh Greg