This week, we read the well-known story of the twelve spies, which recounts how Moshe sent the spies to Canaan to survey its land before the people of Israel could enter.

When the spies returned from Canaan, they affirmed that it was a wonderful land “flowing with milk and honey.” However, most of them despaired at the obstacles facing them. “Canaan’s cities are fortified and very strong,” they cried. The people there are “offspring of giants.” But one of the spies, Kalev, definitively declared: Yakhol Nukhal, “We can do it!”

At Heschel, we aspire to maintain an attitude of Yakhol Nukhal. Whatever our challenge, we go into it with the attitude that we can accomplish what we set our sights on.

This week, our Grade 8 students graduated—with a lot of laughter, joy, tears, and hugs all around, as they set their sights on new learning adventures.

In the Early Years program, our youngest students “spied out” their future classrooms, preparing to enter the next stage of their learning at Heschel.

This summer, we wish everyone who may be preparing to take on a new challenge, a big strong: Yakhol Nukhal.

And, we look forward to welcoming you all back in the fall with the same adventurous Heschel spirit: Yakhol Nukhal“Together, we can do it!”

Shabbat Shalom,

Moreh Greg