God is in the details! This week, we read parshat Tzav, which is related to the word mitzvah, “commandment.”

The commandments in this parshah outline the many details with which the ancient Cohenim needed to concern themselves when bringing offerings to the altar. These details ranged from the kinds of clothing that could be worn to the precise way animals were to be slaughtered. Following the destruction of the temple, and the end of sacrifice as a Jewish practice, most of these laws stopped being directly applicable. However, the practice of “paying attention to details” still has relevance to many areas of our lives.

This week, we spoke with our students about paying attention to details in their learning. We also spoke about how paying attention to details matters in our relationships with one another. We considered the importance of the small details of language, such as “please” and “thank you.” We discussed the detail of greeting people when you see them in the morning or when you pass them in the hall. We talked about listening to details when people speak and noticing the details that reveal how people are feeling; for example, a smile, frown, or glance.

This week’s parshah reminds us that God is in the details.

Shabbat Shalom,  

Moreh Greg