Shanah Tovah and welcome to a new and exciting school year!

Over the past 18 months, as the world around us changed in a way we could not have imagined, we have all experienced so many emotions. We have laughed and cried; we have been courageous, struggled, and overcome obstacles. We have felt these feelings individually, but also collectively, as a community.

As we return to school this week, we are optimistic. We have hope that this year will bring joy, be safe and fulfilling, and continue to create and foster community among Heschel families.

The Chevra Committee provides many opportunities throughout the year to come together as a community, get to know one another, and do meaningful work together while having fun. We are a group of parent volunteers who partner with the school to facilitate events, holiday celebrations, and celebrate our amazing teachers during teacher appreciation week.

As your new Chevra Co-Chairs, we hope to bring you all the amazing events you know and love, as well as some new surprises. We hope you will join us at our Chevra events and make this year amazing!

The first exciting event this year will be the Welcome Back Breakfast. We hope to see you all on Sunday, September 19.

We are also looking for volunteers for event planning and to be class parents. Volunteering at school events is personally enriching and gives our kids a sense of pride, as they watch us play an important role at their school. To volunteer, please email

As we embark on this new year together, let’s continue to make meaningful connections and networks among our families that inspire joy and wonder outside the classroom. Let’s make this the best year yet!

Your Chevra Co-Chairs,
Rachele Joseph and Kim Manson