Last week the JH student council elections took place. Candidates put up posters, made great speeches and finally the JH students voted on November 1st.

We now know from personal experience how hard it is to stand up behind a podium and tell 70 JH students why they should pick you to represent them.

In our speeches we talked about how we have both been at Heschel for almost 10 years and how we both want to see changes happening in the school that will benefit students, teachers, and administration. We explained that our ideas would provide fun, useful tools for high school. When we got up to the podium, we felt nervous and excited to share our ideas.

We are excited to work with the committees to help  make this year a great one. Our hopes for this year are to carry out all the promises that we made in our speeches.

Congratulations to the new 2019 – 2020 JH Student Council::

Taya and Eden – שרת וסגנית תרבות

Ben and Sara – שר וסגנית תקשורת

Ami – שר ספורט

Naor – שר ענייני ישראל

Kataniya and Mattan – שרת וסגן איכות הסביבה

We hope to make this year the best one yet.

Ariella  ראשת הממשלה and Charlie C סגן ראש הממשלה