The current JK generative topic is:

When we separate, we can see (create) new possibilities

הפרדה – פתח לאפשרויות חדשות


The Torah teaches us that on Day 2 of Creation, God separated between the water above (שמים) and the water below (מים). As a result of this separation, new creations became possible.

As part of this unit the students investigate some of the different properties of water.  This week the JK students conducted a science experiment to explore how and why different objects float and sink when placed into water.

The JK students followed the scientific method to conduct their experiments.  To begin, students made observations about a bucket of water and a container of various objects. One student exclaimed, “That water sure is wet!”  Another noticed that some of the objects were big and some were small.

Through a lively discussion, the students began wondering: Which objects will float?

Each student had a chance to make a hypothesis.  Some guessed that the big objects will float and the small object will sink.  Others had the opposite hypothesis.  One student thought that smooth objects will float and that rough ones would sink.

Then the fun part- We tested our hypotheses!  Students each had the opportunity to see if their guesses were correct.  After some splishing and splashing, we discovered that size didn’t determine if an object would sink or float.  Neither did the texture nor the colour of the object.

The JK’s decided that in the end, they need to try a new hypothesis and further experiments in order to come to a conclusion.

More wet fun to come!



A Joyful Rikudiyah