Junior High Student Elections

The Student Council elections took place last week.

Heschel offers various student run committees to help our school in different ways. The committees are separated into two categories; the social committees, and the activist committees. The social committees are תרבות (Spirit), תקשורת (Communications) and ספורט (Sports). The activist committees are איכות הסביבה (Environment),  תיקון עולם (Tikkun Olam), and ענייני ישראל (Israeli Affairs). Each person running for a Minister or Prime Minister made posters to put up around the Junior High hallways and wrote speeches. After the speeches were delivered in front of all the Junior High students, everyone cast their vote.

This week all of the Ministers and Deputy Ministers met with their teacher advisers. Next week, the committee meetings will start.

The students of Junior High are all very excited to be able to join the committees next week.

Congratulations to this year’s members of Student Council.

Prime Minister – Judah

Deputy Prime Minister – Noa S

Minister of Communication – Jessica

Deputy Minister of Communication – Hannah

Minister of Environment – Kataniya

Deputy Minister of Environment – Baila

Ministers of Israel Affairs – Emmanuella and Ava

Minister of Sport – Shylee

Minister of Tikkun Olam Alexa

Deputy Minister of Tikkun Olam- Ben L

Minister of Tarbut –  Sadie

Deputy Minister of Tarbut – Lily