Over the years, Heschel has hosted many Shinshinim and each year has been made more special and meaningful by their presence and participation. This year has been no different! We welcomed Yahli and Sheked and they quickly became part of our school community and developed warm and lasting relationships with their host families and the Heschel School community.

Being a host family with a shinshin that goes to school with your child is something so incredibly unique! Your child is fortunate to have an automatic connection just from their day to day interaction at school and home. The shinshin knows your child’s teachers and the kids in their class and other grades. It truly is so incredibly special for them to share “Heschel” in that way.” Laya Weissberger, Heschel parent and host to shinshin Yahli

Your family can have this special experience as a Shinshinim host family! As a Host Family, you’ll play an integral role in creating a positive experience for our Shinshinim by providing a safe and homey environment for the remarkable young individuals who have been selected to join the program in Toronto for the 2024-2025 school year. And you will get so much in return!  

Learn about Israeli culture, share your family’s customs and traditions, and make a meaningful difference in the life of a future Israeli leader.

We are looking for host families that are able to make a commitment for one or both of the following time frames:

  • Approximately the end of August/beginning of September to the end of January/beginning of February
  • Approximately the end of January/beginning of February to the end of June, with a ten-day break for Passover.

For more information, please visit the UJA website, or reach out to Lauren Grundland, our Heschel School Shinshinim liaison.

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