Here we are at the start of a new school year, and Heschel parents, both new and veterans, have lots of questions to ask!

At Heschel, we work as a team of teachers, child study specialists, educational leaders, and administrators to provide your children with a meaningful educational experience. Families are important partners in children’s learning, and we encourage open and constructive communication between you and the school.

To help you decide who is the appropriate Heschel staff member to contact, please refer to the handy chart below.

While email often suffices for straightforward matters, we encourage you to use the contact information below to set up a phone call or in-person meeting when needed. The school’s phone number is 416-635-1876, and specific extensions are listed below. Our staff will make every effort to reply to messages within 24-48 hours, except over Shabbat and Chaggim. We look forward to speaking with you.

Contact/involve: When:
Front Office

By phone: 416-635-1876 x 0, or by email:
It is the morning, and your child is sick or late. 

There is a change in pick-up instructions for your child (e.g., ask to be sent to Kids’ Club).

Your child is being signed out at a specific time for an appointment, etc.
Coordinator of School Logistics and Student Services, COVID Lead

Karen Turack
Phone: x 320
You have moved or changed any other contact information and would like to update it in the database.

Any other concerns relating to student information not covered above, such as new medical information.

Any questions or concerns related to school policies and procedures related to COVID-19.
On-Line Learning Tech Support

Fabiane Krajcer
Phone: x558
You require tech support for on-line learning.
Classroom Teacher(s)

By email: first initial,

You would like to talk about: 

- teaching methods and/or content
- your child’s progress and achievement in a subject area
- a social concern
- an emotional concern
- an organizational concern
- a classroom or recess incident
Division Director

Heidi Friedman, JK - Grade 2
Phone: x 332 

Edna Sharet, Grades 3 - 8
Phone: x 230
You would like to talk about:

- teaching, learning or Derekh Eretz issues in your child’s class that you have addressed with the classroom teacher but have not been adequately resolved
- curriculum and teaching methods used in your child’s class 
- organization of events and logistics related to your child 
- concerns about Derekh Eretz that occur outside the classroom setting (e.g., inclusion, social issues) 
Child Study Specialist in your child’s division:

Heidi Friedman, Early Years JK-Grade 2
Phone: x 332

Claire Merbaum, Grades 3-8
Phone: x 545
Your child is a transfer student from another school with pre-identified needs.

You have had previous involvement with Child Study (e.g., meetings; assessments; individual learning plans). 

The learning or social-emotional issue you brought forward to the teacher has not been adequately resolved after strategies have been implemented over a reasonable period of time. If appropriate, a referral may be made to our School Social Worker or Social Work Student intern for a social-emotional challenge, in coordination with parents.
Head of School, 
Director of The Lola Stein Institute 

Greg Beiles
Phone: x 228
You have questions around the vision and mission and educational methods of the school. 

Following contact with the Division Director or Child Study Specialist, a concern has not been adequately resolved. 

You want to know how you can help support the school. 

You are interested in learning more about the Lola Stein Institute.
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Bailey Daniels
Phone: x 334
You have a sibling who is a prospect for the school. 

You know someone who would like more information about the school and/or admissions process.
Director of Development and Community Engagement

Ellen Ostofsky
Phone: x 214
You would like to learn more about ways to support the school with a donation.

You would like to send a tribute card in honour, memory, or appreciation of a person or event.

You would like to learn more about volunteering at the school.

You have questions pertaining to school policies at community events outside of the classroom setting (e.g., birthday parties, kashrut).
Director of Business Operations

Mark Abramsohn
Phone: x 225
You have questions about:

- financial arrangements such as tuition payment methods, tuition assistance, payment for end of year trips
- school facilities, cleanliness
- school safety (e.g., security, health policies)

Okcana Dubov
Phone: x 227
You have payments to make for: 

- Kids’ Club
- Activity Fee
- Building Fee

You have a change of payment method (e.g., change bank account or credit card).
Board Co-Chairs

Michael Stein
Ilan Zor
You are interested in:

- joining or chairing a committee
- joining the Board of Directors 
- supporting the fundraising efforts of the school

You want to learn more about the role of the Board, how to get involved, etc.
Chevra Co-Chairs

Rachele Joseph
Kim Manson
You are interested in volunteering:

- for event planning
- at a Chevra event
- to be a class parent
Hot Lunch and Challah Program Co-Chairs

Lauren Black
Janis Mussat
You have questions related to food options and the ordering process (Lauren).

You have questions related to the software system and registration (Janis).