The Toronto Heschel School is proud to announce outstanding results from the recent Hebrew language skills assessment conducted among its Grade 5 and 7 students. The assessment, facilitated by the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto in collaboration with Hebrew at the Center, utilized the innovative “Avant Hebrew STAMP™ Tool” to evaluate students’ proficiency in Hebrew reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension.

According to the assessment findings, students at The Toronto Heschel School surpassed both community and North American averages in various Hebrew language skills:

  • Grade 5 Performance: On average, these students excelled above the community average in listening and speaking skills. Furthermore, they outperformed the North American average in listening proficiency.
  • Grade 7 Performance: Notably, on average, the students demonstrated exceptional proficiency by surpassing both the community and North American averages in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

These impressive results underscore the effectiveness of Heschel’s integrated “Ivrit B’Ivrit” model, highlighting its success in fostering comprehensive Hebrew language acquisition among students.

“We are thrilled with the remarkable performance of our students in the Hebrew language skills assessment,” remarked Dr. Greg Beiles, Head of School at The Toronto Heschel School. “These results affirm our commitment to providing a dynamic and immersive Hebrew language education that equips students with the proficiency and fluency needed for success.”

As part of the ongoing partnership with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and “Hebrew at the Center,” The Toronto Heschel School is dedicated to continuous improvement in Hebrew language education. The utilization of the Avant Hebrew STAMP™ Tool enables a comprehensive analysis of students’ language proficiency, facilitating informed decisions and targeted support for Hebrew teaching and learning initiatives.

The completion of the assessment is a requirement for all Jewish Day Schools in Toronto to receive the UJA Koschitzky Grant for Jewish Day School Tuition Assistance, further underscoring the significance of this collaborative effort in advancing Hebrew language education within the Toronto community. 

Apart from Toronto, numerous other Jewish Day Schools across North America opt to engage in the “Avant Hebrew STAMP™ Tool” voluntarily. These institutions prioritize Hebrew language acquisition and are among the most esteemed and significant Jewish Day Schools in North America. Comprising approximately two dozen schools, this select group demonstrates a profound commitment to fostering Hebrew proficiency within their communities. With robust resources and a shared dedication to excellence, these institutions prioritize Hebrew language acquisition as a core value of their educational mission. The exemplary results achieved by The Toronto Heschel School underscore our unwavering dedication to Hebrew language education. As a school community, we take pride in this achievement and view it as a cause for celebration.

Please click on the links to learn more about Hebrew at the Center and Avant Hebrew STAMP™ Tool.