This week was Environment Week at Heschel. What is Environment Week, you may ask?

Good question. Environment week is an event planned by the Environment Committee to raise awareness for the environment, celebrate the upcoming holiday of Tu Bishvat, and do fun crafts and activities related to the environment. This week, we planted parsley in recycled milk cartons (that students were able to take home), made grassheads*, had a yummy Tu Bishvat taste test and rode the energy bike**!

We also held a battery contest where students and teachers brought in dead batteries to be disposed of responsibly. The winner of the contest will be announced next week!

Happy Tu Bishvat!

*Grassheads are pantyhose or tights that are cut, filled up with soil and grass-seeds, and then decorated! If you water and take care of them, they will soon grow and the grass will look like funky green hair!

**The energy bike is an old bike that we have wired up and transformed! Now, if you ride the bike (it is stationary), you can power a lightbulb, radio, fan or even a toaster!

Kataniya and Mattan – Ministers of Environment