This week was Environment Week, an annual event organized by the Environment Committee. Environment Week is always the week of Tu Bishvat; the birthday of the trees. On Environment Week, we organize nature, Tu Bishvat, and conservation related activities. At recess, students are invited to participate in activities such as blind taste tests, energy bike demos, making bird feeders, and more! This year, a beautiful, working energy bike was generously lended to us by Green Venture. We then used the energy bike for demos at recess. Students were able to ride the bike, and watch as the bars went up! It was a huge hit and we will hopefully do it again next year. We also made bird feeders at recess, which attracted many curious Early Years willing to get their hands dirty. After school, volunteers from the Environment Committee sell our “Heschel Honey” to parents and teachers. In the springtime, there are beehives on our roof, and when the time has come, the honey that our bees make is gathered into jars that are sold to our Heschel community. We hope you enjoyed your Tu Bishvat, and had a wonderful Environment Week.

From everyone at the Environment Committee.