It seems that The Toronto Heschel School is not the only educational institution promoting a sense of awe and wonder! An article entitled “Why You Need to Protect Your Sense of Wonder — Especially Now” appeared at the end of August on the Harvard Business Review website.

The article states that feeling amazement at the world around us helps to decrease our inward focus, boost empathy and resiliency, and deepen our relationship with nature. Research shows that experiencing awe has numerous benefits, including reducing stress, increasing creativity, facilitating ethical decision making, enabling social connections, and refreshing our energy. Authors David P. Fessell and Karen Reivich, physician and psychologist, host resilience and well-being workshops that feature “awe interventions.” AJ Heschel knew of what he spoke! The sense of awe and wonder that is nurtured at The Toronto Heschel School has tangible benefits. The authors declare: “People who experience awe…report higher levels of overall life satisfaction and well-being.” We couldn’t agree more!