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The Grade 6 Tikkun Olam Project

June 26, 2017

Each year in Civics class, the Junior High grades complete a Tikkun Olam project that is connected to our curriculum in some way. In grade 6,...

The Heschel Golf Tournament

June 7, 2017

Dear Heschel Community, I am proud to re-introduce the Heschel golf tournament to our community. I was on the committee for the last Heschel golf tournament...

Garden Guardians

May 30, 2017

The Heschel Garden needs your help! We are asking each Heschel family to volunteer a minimum of one time during the summer to keep our garden...

The Grade 3 Animal Research Project

May 11, 2017

In preparation for the Grade 3 Animal Research Project students chose an animal to observe in their own backyards. Noa chose a snail and collected some...

Pay it Forward Purim

March 20, 2017

On the evening of Wednesday, March 15, Grade Seven and Eight students went downtown after school to participate in Pay it Forward Purim. Pay it Forward...

Check out these tracks from the Heschel Junior High Choir!

November 3, 2016

Are you a fan of the Heschel Junior High Choir? The choir’s amazing arrangements and performances are now available for download below! Check out these six...