UJA’s Israel Engagement ShinShinim are a group of Israeli high school graduates who defer their enlistments in the Israel Defense Forces to spend a “year of service” as Israeli ambassadors in communities around the world. The ShinShinim serve as Israeli cultural ambassadors and work across a variety of community settings, including Jewish day schools, synagogues, youth movements and sleepover camps.

We bring ShinShinim into The Toronto Heschel School to encourage our community to engage with Israel through educational programming and by building relationships with community members. Providing opportunities for authentic, interpersonal relationships with Israelis helps to strengthen vital ties between our students and the State of Israel and build the foundation for a secure Jewish future.

Tamar and Tamar are our ShinShinim here at Heschel for the 2022-2023 school year, and they have been doing a great job bringing Israel into our classrooms while still making connections to the generative topics students are studying. 

We are thrilled to introduce Yahli and Shaked, our Shinshinim for the 2023-2024 school year.  They have created a video to introduce themselves. We look forward to welcoming them to Heschel this fall.

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