Through the Classroom Window: Grade 8 Human Rights Speeches

Through the Classroom Window: Grade 8 Human Rights Speeches

Jun 24, 2022
posted in Grade 8

“Through the Classroom Window” is an opportunity for teachers to share the inspiring learning that takes place in their classrooms, giving others a glimpse into the heartbeat of the school. In our final post of this column for the 2022-2023 school year, Grade 8 teacher Lesley Cohen gives us some background on the Grade 8 students’ culminating Language Arts projects, which they delivered last week with great passion, maturity and wisdom beyond their years.

As part of their final unit of study in Language Arts, the Grade 8 students learned about influential and pioneering human rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr., A.J. Heschel, Malala Yousafzai, and X Gonzalez, all of whom made their mark on the world through their words. Students then chose a topic that they felt passionate about, conducted extensive research, and wrote their own ‘Human Rights Speeches.’ Their topics ranged from gun violence to online privacy, sexual assault on college campuses to gender pay equity, road safety to social media addiction, dress codes to Indigenous rights.  Please click below to read a selection of what our students had to say.

Ami E: Politics in Sports

Laurel C: Social Media Addiction

Lilah S: Indigenous Health Care

Neeve Z: Gender Inequality in Sports

Samantha G: Gun Violence