The Heschel Gallery: Grade 6 Build a Sukkah Project

The Heschel Gallery: Grade 6 Build a Sukkah Project

Nov 15, 2021
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The Heschel Gallery is a Heschel Hive column that appears at the end of every rotation throughout the year. It features students’ artwork with an explanation of the project by Morah Lisa for context. This is a wonderful way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the students’ creations!

Over the past three weeks, Grade 6 students became architects!

They practiced creating spaces using a kit-of-parts. Each kit contained two cardboard squares, four rectangles, and a small-scale image of each student.

Next, drawing on their knowledge of architecture—and seeing precedents of innovative sukkah designs—students embarked on creating sukkot in chaveruta.

Each student considered scale as well as where their sukkah would be located, how many people it would hold, and what materials would be used to build it. They learned how to use model-making tools, including a glue gun and X-Acto knife, and worked collaboratively to execute their designs.

Finally, students photographed their sukkah models at eye-level, pairing them with their small-scale images and transforming them into inhabited spaces.

This Wednesday, students will present their sukkah models to two guest architects!

To hear students’ thoughts on the overall process, click here.


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