The Heschel Gallery: Grade 3 Experiential Art

The Heschel Gallery: Grade 3 Experiential Art

Nov 19, 2021
posted in Grade 3 In the Arts

The Heschel Gallery is a Heschel Hive column that appears at the end of every rotation throughout the year. It features students’ artwork with an explanation of the project by Morah Lisa for context. This is a wonderful way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the students’ creations!

Inspired by the temporal artworks of sculptor and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy, Grade 3 students recently participated in experiential artmaking in the Heschel Garden.

Students worked individually and in chaveruta, looking carefully at the garden, collecting found objects, sorting them into categories, and creating works of art.

Students also learned the art of perspective drawing for sketching landscapes.

They will apply this learning later in the year, when they create a drawing of Avram and Lot dividing their land.