The Heschel Gallery: Grade 2 “Days of Creation” Project

The Heschel Gallery: Grade 2 “Days of Creation” Project

Nov 17, 2021
posted in Grade 2 In the Arts

The Heschel Gallery is a Heschel Hive column that appears at the end of every rotation throughout the year. It features students’ artwork with an explanation of the project by Morah Lisa for context. This is a wonderful way to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the students’ creations!

During their first art rotation of the year, Grade 2 students launched their “Days of Creation” project, an iterative artwork that mimics God’s creation of the earth.

To get started, students experimented with different watercolour washes before separating water from sky, which occurred on Day 2 of Creation.

Then, students used masking tape to create areas of land on their page, marking Day 3 of Creation, when land emerged from water.

To represent land, students added grass, earth, and sand. When they removed their tape, they painted different vegetation, including various tree species and vegetables.

Students will return to this project during their next rotation, when they will add the sun, moon, and stars, birds and fish, and finally mammals.