As a community, we recognize that school attendance presents increased risks of transmitting and contracting COVID-19.  We all have a shared responsibility to try to reduce the risk, recognizing that complete elimination of risk is not possible.  This agreement must be signed by all staff that will be attending school, whether in person or virtually. No student or staff member will be permitted to participate in any of the classes, activities, events, and programs organized, offered, or sanctioned by Heschel (the “Activities”) or to attend the Toronto Heschel School (“THS) facilities (the “Facilities”) unless and until this Agreement is signed.

Heschel Community Covenant - Staff Form

  • As a staff member of THS, I undertake and promise as follows:

  • Health and Safety

  • To abide by and role-model all health and safety measures implemented by the school, including but not limited to:
    • Wearing masks when on school property;
    • Following social distancing protocols on school property;
    • Using Health Canada Approved Hand Sanitizer;
    • Abiding by all Government of Canada Public Health regulations regarding quarantine if you have travelled or have come in to contact with a person who has travelled;
    • Regularly checking school updates regarding COVID-19 related matters. These updates may come by e-mail and/or be posted on the school website.
  • View Health Canada approved hand sanitizers >

  • Daily Health Assessment

  • View COVID-19 self-assessment >

  • Compliance with the Code of Conduct and other School Policies

  • View Derekh Eretz Code of Conduct >

    View Virtual Learning Code of Conduct >

  • View The Progressive Discipline Policy >

  • View Computer Use Policy >

  • Release/Indemnity

  • In consideration of myself attending the Facilities and participating in the Activities and other good and valuable consideration received, I agree (except to the extent attributable to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of THS) to forever release, and discharge THS (which for the purpose of this release/indemnity includes its administration, directors and officers, teachers, and any other employees, staff, agents, representatives, contractors and volunteers) from any and all actions, claims or proceedings of any kind which I now have or may have in the future in respect to my attendance at the Facilities and/or participation in the Activities. I acknowledge that this release and indemnity is inclusive of any claims related to anyone contracting COVID-19.

    I hereby waive any and all claims that I, or any third party who would otherwise be entitled to assert a claim in relation to the matters set out above, have or may have in the future against THS in connection with my attendance at the Facilities and/or participation in the Activities. I agree not to make any claim or take or continue any proceedings against any other person or entity who or which might claim contribution or indemnity from THS.

    I agree that this Agreement and all terms contained within are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario. I hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario. Any litigation in any way relating to the Activities or to the matters addressed in this Agreement must be instituted in the Province of Ontario.

    If any provision (or part of any provision) in this Agreement is unenforceable, such provision (or part of such provision) shall be severed and shall be inoperative, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

    I confirm that I have had sufficient time to read this agreement in its entirety, including all its terms, that I fully understand its terms, and have agreed to the terms voluntarily. I understand that this agreement is binding on me, my executors and administrators.