2023 Eco-Judaism Trip Code of Conduct

Student Name(Required)
1. Students must behave respectfully and courteously at all times.
2. Students may bring kosher, nut free, parve snacks.
3. Food or drinks may not be purchased.
4. Wake up and curfew times are mandatory.
5. Cell-phone use is not permitted. Daily communication and updates will be provided by the school.
6. Violence, aggressive behaviour or bullying will not be tolerated. The students involved will be sent home at their parents’ expense.
7. Coarse language and inappropriate conversations will not be tolerated.
8. Students are not allowed in each other’s rooms at any time.
9. School dress code is in effect including Heschel kissui/Heschel hat.
10. Students must adhere to the ‘Code of Conduct’ as it is outlined in the school’s Parent Handbook.

My child agrees to conduct themselves according to the rules set out for this trip. We understand that should there be a serious infraction of these rules, the adult chaperones have the right and the responsibility to send our child home at our expense.
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MM slash DD slash YYYY