Class Parent as Community Connector

Class parents are community builders who play a vital role in building a positive, inclusive, warm, nurturing community for all of our Heschel families. The role of the Class Parent is taking on greater and greater importance as our school continues to grow.

Being a class parent is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with the parents and families of children in your child’s grade. It allows parents to model community involvement to their children and strengthens bonds between home and school. We hope you will consider contributing to the learning experience of your children and their peers by serving as a Class Parent this year.

Each cohort in the school will have a class parent volunteer. Whenever possible, newer parents to the school will be paired up with veteran parents in their grades.

Class Parent Role Description

Class Parents have an important role in the building of strong community bonds. Class Parents fall under the umbrella of Chevra, collaborating with the Chevra Committee, as well as teachers and families in their grade and the Director of Development and Community Engagement to:

Chevra will be hosting a Class Parent Meet and Greet and Orientation meeting once all class parents are established to set us up for a successful year. You will be contacted about the date and time

If you would like to be a class parent in your child’s grade, please complete the below form. If you have any questions or are interested in additional volunteer opportunities, please contact