Computer Use Policy

Please read the policy and complete the form below.

The Toronto Heschel School computer and network facilities are available for instruction and research by students, teachers, and administrators. The use of these facilities is a privilege, and must be in support of the educational objectives of The Toronto Heschel School. Unauthorized or irresponsible behaviour will result in the loss of computer privileges, and other sanctions.

All users of The Toronto Heschel School computer and network facilities are expected and required:

  1. To use these resources in a responsible manner consistent with the educational goals of the school. For example, computer users shall strive for excellence in their work, and refrain from any behaviour which would embarrass or offend any member of The Toronto Heschel School community. In every instance, computer users must conduct themselves with honour.
  2. To access The Toronto Heschel School computing facilities only with an authorized username and password. For example, computer users shall not use applications, print files, or access off-campus computing facilities without being properly “logged in” with their username. Computer users should protect their password as they would protect a bank card or credit card. Computer users should not share their username and password, and they should make sure that they properly “log out” of the computer when finished. If computer users find an unattended workstation which has not been logged out, they shall, as a courtesy, log out the absent user before beginning their own work.
  3. To respect the privacy of others. For example, computer users shall not intentionally read the information in anyone else’s computer file, make copies of anyone else’s computer file, or write information back to anyone else’s computer file. Similarly, computer users shall not seek anyone else’s password or modify anyone else’s password.
  4. To respect the integrity of The Toronto Heschel School computer and network facilities, and of other computer and network facilities available through the network. For example, computer users shall not attempt, by any means, to access any aspect of the computer laboratories which is not explicitly intended for that user. Computer users shall not attempt to harm, destroy, or interfere with data, operating systems, applications, or any other computer-related resources. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the downloading, creation, manipulation, and transmission of computer viruses.
  5. To respect intellectual-property rights. Software and other intellectual property (like written work, art, photographs, drawings, and diagrams) are protected by copyright and other laws, licenses, and the rules of fair play. Computer users shall not make copies of a licensed computer programme to avoid paying license fees; nor shall they give, lend, or sell copies of software to others unless (a) they have the written permission of the copyright owner, or (b) the original software is clearly identified as shareware or in the public domain.
  6. To refrain from engaging in wasteful practices. For example, users shall not send chain letters through electronic mail, print multiple copies or files, or unnecessarily hold laboratory workstations when others are waiting for these resources. The only games which may be played in the laboratories are those which have been written by The Toronto Heschel School students; and those may be played only during teachersupervised lunch periods, and only if no other students require the workstation for academic work. Computer users shall avoid excessive use of network hard disc space, and remember the importance of conserving and recycling paper and other supplies.
  7. To know and follow computer-laboratory rules and procedures. The rules and procedures for The Toronto Heschel School Computer Laboratories are posted in each laboratory, and are explained in all classes which use computers. Computer users are reminded that: they are allowed in the laboratories only under the direct supervision of a teacher, food and drink are prohibited in the laboratories, except during teacher-supervised lunch periods; no outside software maybe installed or run in the laboratories; power switches, reset keys, and special key-sequences may be used only with the explicit authorization of a teacher; and that all computer-generated errors and warnings, even if understood by user, must be reported to a teacher. Users have a duty to notify a teacher or administrator of any violations of the Acceptable-Use Policy.