June 19

Grade 7 students were asked to use concrete or shape poetry to show their understanding of a prayer that talks about being helped out of a narrow place. Click the image on the left to read a poem by Clara Glick and click here to read a poem by Adina Nathanson.

After studying a bit about Picasso and his unique cubist artwork, SK students created a Picasso style self-portrait representing the feelings we had in SK Parparim. The picture on the left was created by Caroline. She said she worked on it for a long time and we think she did a spectacular job!

June 5

Please click the image above to view a PowerPoint presentation put together by Morah Sigal and Morah Elinor. It is full of authentic and meaningful student work and is a great representation of what a Heschel education has to offer.

During the Aliya Le’Regel last week, the Grade 2, 3, and 4 students explored the clock tower in Yaffo and drew a ‘Clock Tower for Peace’.

The artwork above is connected to the Grade 1 generative topic, ‘Chacham Lev/Nadiv Lev’. It illustrates B’nai Yisrael’s journey to Har Sinai to receive the Torah. It was created using torn paper for the midbar landscape and starry night, and cut-outs of abstract artwork for the walking people.

On Wednesday, June 3, SK student Mira drew a picture of how she brings G-d closer to her. She explained that she drew the two empty SK classrooms with the circle carpets, the stairs going up to tefillah b’tzibur, Morah Heidi standing next to the Aron ha’kodesh, and Morah Sigal and Morah Elinor sitting on the first two chairs with the kids in the class sitting on the chairs behind them. She has very fond memories of tefillah at Heschel and is so looking forward to returning in September.

This week, the students in JK turned into little architects. They used boxes and other recyclables to create Noah’s Ark. They began by planning their ark, thinking about the different rooms needed, the shape and size of each animal, and what type of home they would need. The students then used their sketches to build a three-dimensional ark.

MAY 28

For the Aliyah Le’regel and Bikkurim Service, students participated in activities as they journeyed on an ancient walk with their bikkurim to Jerusalem. One of the stops on their journey was Karmiel where the students learned about a dance festival and played the video game ‘Just Jewish Dance’.

On Wednesday, May 27, JK Nitzanim held a virtual costume dance party.

MAY 22

SK student Micah drew a picture of the Jewish people in the desert and explained his drawing. This project was connected to the topic of communication.

JK student Jack is hard at work working on rhyming words.

JK students created Shabbat symbols out of play dough.

The SK classes are learning all about effective communication. This week we celebrated Shabbat by communicating with each other in order to prepare the Shabbat table. We are missing all of our community and wish you a wonderful Shabbat.

Yesterday, Grade 2 student Naomi took her work outside so she could enjoy the beautiful day.

Students in Grade 6 have been exploring landscapes.  This week they applied their knowledge of depth of field (foreground, middle ground, background) to two different vistas.  Students took their time and created beautiful representations of a pastoral landscape and a beach scene.

MAY 15

Grade 4 students played a rapid question game where they had to listen and think of who was being described from a novel they are studying, and then raise the correct character name.

Shylee, Hilah, and Etai (2017 grad) celebrated Lag Ba’omer by studying Torah in a cave.


Grade 6 students participated in a landscape drawing studio this week. Students drew images of sunsets over the water and prairie landscapes to practice drawing skies and clouds using complementary colours. Students are working towards creating their own visual representations of different landscapes to connect to their scientific explorations of landforms, climate, and biomes.

Grade 1 student Skylar created puppets for a puppet show using felt, stickers, and a needle and string.

Grade 1 student Jonah created a maze using MagnaTiles and cookie sheets.

On May 8, Grade 8 students participated in a revised version of their ceramics project “Praying with My Legs”. Students created sculptures of the human form to express a prayer for a more just society.

SK students worked very hard all week on their tree sculptures.


To celebrate Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, students made Israeli salad, hummus, and shared a (virtual) Israeli feast. Although we are physically distant, we are finding ways to mark these important milestones together.

Grade 3 student Cecily created an amazing book about the planets.

This week, SK students created sketches of the willow tree in the Heschel yard. Seen here are drawings by Oren, Mimi, Mira, and Noah.


Click the image above for a skit by Leigh in Grade 3 about how the act of a tzadika overcomes the act of a rashah.

Click the image above to see a lego movie created by Akiva in Grade 3.

As a school that has worked hard to maintain hands-on, experiential learning, moving to a digital platform has been a unique challenge.  What a joy to see our teachers and students rise to this challenge!


This week, Morah Lisa led the Grade 7 class in a “draw along” on Zoom. Each student drew their interpretation of Bernini’s David sculpture and shared their work with the class.

SK student Tyler drew a colourful pigeon and a landscape of Ancient Egypt.

Grade 7 student Clara drew an image of an apple/NYC.