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September 29, 2022
Message from Moreh Alan

Our Middat HaShavuah this week is, “Be “womb-full” and generous, take deep breaths; be kind & honest,” and it is not taken from the weekly Torah portion, but rather from the Mahzor, the prayer book which we use on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur. In Hebrew, the verse from the Mahzor is: ה׳ ה׳ קֵל …

September 23, 2022
Message from Moreh Greg

Parshat Hashavua this week is Parshat Nitzavim.  Moshe explains to the whole community of Israel gathered before him that the Torah is not something distant and difficult to reach: “not in the heavens… or over the sea,” rather: כִּֽי־קָר֥וֹב אֵלֶ֛יךָ הַדָּבָ֖ר מְאֹ֑ד בְּפִ֥יךָ וּבִלְבָֽבְךָ֖ לַֽעֲשׂתֽוֹ It is very close to you, in your mouths and …

September 22, 2022
The Honeycomb

The Generative Topic that is woven throughout the curriculum for our Grade 1 students this month (and continuing to the end of Sukkot) is: Creations join together to create new creations. Our students are learning that many parts are needed to make a new whole. The Honeycomb is a perfect example. In order to produce …

September 22, 2022
Grade 6 Eco Trip

From September 14 to September 16, our Grade 6 students traveled to Camp Gesher for the annual Grade 6 Eco Trip. They began their exciting itinerary with an ice breaker activity run by our shinshiniot, Tamar and Tamar, a canoe outing, an interactive eco-drama game, a delicious dinner, and, of course, a bonfire with s’mores …

September 22, 2022
New Friendships Blossomed

During Elul, we reflect upon our past year and the traits and qualities we want to bring into the coming year. Some of our youngest students welcomed their grade 8 friends into their class and the grade 8s returned the kind gesture by sharing stories and playing interactively. New friendships blossomed and lasting memories were …

September 22, 2022
New Student Welcome!

We are pleased to welcome 42 new students to Heschel this fall, 23 of whom are coming from 19 new families! We were able to host everyone at our New Student and Family Welcome on September 1, with beautiful weather, a light dinner, and introductions to the students’ new teachers and to each other. The …

September 21, 2022
Reflections on Elul

As a lifelong Jewish educator, I have always felt the connection between the Jewish year and the school year. Personally speaking, there has always been a natural cadence between these two rhythms of time. For me, they go hand in hand, and I have been enmeshed in this accidental alignment for my entire life, first …

September 16, 2022
Middah Teaching from Moreh Alan

This week’s Torah portion is parshat כי תבוא (ki tavo).  Ki tavo can be translated as “when you enter” and it is referencing our ancestors who were about to enter a new land, the Land of Israel, for the first time in many generations. Our Middat Hashavua this week is, “appreciate new creations and experiences”; …

September 09, 2022
Message from Moreh Greg

This week we returned שבנו (shavnu) to Heschel with that deliciously nervous feeling that accompanies the return to school.  We gathered and welcomed each other as we heard the blast of the shofar and recited שהחיינו (shehecheyanu).  This week we learn parshat כי תצא  (ki tezei), which can be translated as “when you venture out”.  …

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