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February 21, 2019
Nuit Blanche – לילה לבן

Nuit Blanche took place on Saturday, February 9. Many of the grade seven and eight students came to participate. It was a very fun-filled night, with many actives led by our school shinshinim. In addition to this, this year was the first year that we had other shinshinim from other schools that came to help …

June 01, 2018
שלום ש”ש

On Tuesday, all of UJA’s Shinshinim came to Heschel for a wonderful Group Impact Day. Grades 1-4 experienced an Israeli shuk and Grades 5-8 watched Israeli leaders come to life as they discussed their stories. Shabbat Shalom, Maya and Uri

February 09, 2018
שלום ש”ש

This week in grade 8 we learned about the Ma’abarot in Israel. In the 1950’s the Ma’abarot provided housing for Jewish refugees and Jewish immigrants arriving to the newly independent State of Israel. The Ma’abarot were much more habitable than the previous immigrant camps. We spoke about some of the difficulties the the new immigrants faced and …

January 25, 2018
שלום ש”ש

Moreh Greg and Morah Edna are currently in Israel on a Heads of School Israel Engagement program and for the selection of next year’s shinshinim. They had an opportunity to catch up with past shinshinim, Roni, Sandra, Sapir, Hadas and Omree. Here’s a short message from them.

December 13, 2017
שלום ש”ש

This week in Grade 6, we talked about Chanukkah and the reasons why the Maccabees fought for freedom. Students were given difficult situations the Jews may have faced in those days. Through short skits, students presented to the class their interpretation of how the Jews handled these scenarios. Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach, Uri and Maya

November 10, 2017
שלום ש”ש

Today in grade 2 we learned about the sense of hearing. Uri brought the Oud, an ancient Middle Eastern instrument, and played it for the students. While listening, the students expressed how they felt and what they heard while Uri was playing. We also learned a song in Hebrew by Arik Einstein and made the actions to the song using …

November 03, 2017
שלום ש”ש

Today in Grade 2, we learned about the sense of smell and the blessing בורא מיני בשמים (Boreh Minei Besamim). We also learned about the blessing that we recite in Israel, בורא עשבי בשמים (Boreh Isbei Besamim), and the difference between the two. The students smelled different fragrances and described what they were smelling. Shabbat Shalom, Uri …

October 27, 2017
שלום ש”ש

Today in Grade Two Besamim and Bikkurim we continued learning about our senses and focused on taste. We learned how to say taste and the verb tasting in Hebrew. We made delicious sweets made of dates stuffed with chocolate, tahini and coconut and enjoyed tasting them while using our new vocabulary to describe what we were doing. Shabbat Shalom, …

October 20, 2017
שלום ש”ש

We continued to host “Ushpizin” in class this week in grade 7. We learned about the cost of living in Israel and about the tent protests that took place in 2011-2013. We “hosted” Stav Shafir who was a journalist, a Knesset member and one of the activists of the protest. Shabbat Shalom, Uri and Maya

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